Workplace Wellbeing Platform

We deliver wellbeing programmes that drive employee engagement, positivity, productivity and charitability.

The goal of the Get Active Challenges is to start a movement within businesses and across businesses which involves everyone, while at the same time raising money for worthy causes.

Whether it's getting out on your bike, getting down on your yoga, getting up on your cross-trainer, or getting in on your mindfulness, the Get Active app supports 40+ activities across physical, social and mindfulness categories.


minds and bodies


people to be the best version of themselves


a genuine desire to contribute to positive change

We are all in it to participate with purpose … and finish with pride

By gathering momentum in healthy practices, we accelerate our physical and mental health and performance – influencing others to do the same.

The benefits

Physically, mentally and socially, individuals invest in their own wellbeing, boosting morale, retention and productivity, and building a vibrant internal culture.

How it works

Aligning personal and company values with corporate sustainability and charitable obligations, Get Active enriches employee engagement, loyalty and wellbeing.

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Fully branded, flexible and inclusive, the scalable web and app deployment is fast, simple, cost effective, and embraces the new hybrid working world.