Employee Wellbeing Programme

Activity-based wellbeing that drives employee engagement, productivity, charity fundraising and positivity

Get Active is a wellbeing platform that gets your people more active - physically, mentally and socially - rewarding and incentivising while raising money for worthy causes

Get ready to ignite a vibrant feel good culture in the new hybrid working world

Boost brand loyalty, productivity and positive people engagement

Your Brand Your People

It's all about you

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Get your body and mind active any way you like – run, walk, cycle, swim, read, weights, yoga, dog walks, treadmill, gym, podcasts, house cleaning…the choice is yours. All activities earn points on your leaderboard keeping it fun and competitive. Challenge your colleagues, beat the boss, Finance vs Marketing, New York vs London, earn your medal, There are no limits. And all for your chosen cause.


relationships, teams, passions, minds & bodies


people to be the best version of themselves


a genuine desire for positive change

Active on the move

Log it, track it, watch your progress or watch others.