Employee Engagement Programme

We believe that healthy businesses and organisations need healthy individuals who are stronger not just physically, but mentally too.

The goal of the Get Active Challenges is to start a movement within businesses and across businesses which involves everyone, while at the same time raising money for worthy causes.

Whether it's getting out on your bike, getting down on your yoga, getting up on your cross-trainer, or getting in on your mindfulness ... it's about the satisfaction of:

beating your personal best .
making a difference.
working hard.
being inspired.
changing lives.

Create & Inspire

Get Active, get engaged, get motivated …. in a challenge that is specifically branded, themed and timed for your organisation. At the same time, you’ll be supporting your CSR objectives through charity fundraising or raising money for a worthy initiative. Friendly, healthy leaderboard competition is encouraged to inspire individuals and teams.

family hiking

Track & Engage

Get Active is designed for everyone and any activity counts – run, walk, cycle, swim, read, weights, yoya, dog walks, treadmill, house cleaning … anything that gets your body or mind active! Activities are logged, and results and progress are tracked. Plus, you can add bonus incentives to further motivate and inspire.

Achieve & Celebrate

Everyone loves a medal! Especially a fully branded, specially commissioned medal which each participant earns, showcasing your chosen organisations and celebrating the much needed funds they raised along the way.


The Get Active App!

get active app

Interactive Leaderboard

See your position on our interactive leaderboard where you can see where you stack-up against your fellow participants. Use the filters to filter by activity and duration!


Inclusive Activites

The get active platform supports over 40 physical, social and mental well-being activities, ensuring inclusivity for friends, family and colleagues alike.



The Get Active app allows participants to edit their profile information, customise their display name for privacy, select from pre-configured avatars or upload their own photo.