Employee Engagement Benefits

Incentivised activity programmes and challenges motivate long-term behaviour change, and that’s what the Get Active programme does

Through mindfulness exercises to relax and unwind, and more physical activities to combat our increasingly sedentary lifestyles – all particularly relevant since the onset of the pandemic.

Collaborative challenges – facilitating competitive teamwork and employee engagement

An activity-based online platform which encourages individuals to connect through a mix of challenges designed to boost productivity, morale and team engagement within businesses and across partner and industry networks.

Fully diverse and inclusive – enabling flexibility and choice for all

The tasks are designed to be open to everyone, empowering employees to select their own level of involvement and wellness focus, whether it be fitness, weight loss, yoga or meditation.

Cost effective, quick-launch mobile app – scalable with the business

Quick and economical to implement and roll-out, the Get Active app enables real-time activity capture, collaboration, and scalability, coupling on-going tasks with more competitive challenges, and using team and individual leaderboards to positively influence and motivate.

Strategic rewards and sustainable goals – driving long term value creation

Behavioral modification programmes that encourage, motivate and reward, facilitating strong staff engagement and creating lasting value by integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance matters into corporate culture, strategy and practice.

Customised design – activating the brand experience

Building awareness and stakeholder loyalty, enhancing talent attraction and, boosting staff engagement and retention, thereby reducing recruitment overheads and driving business results.

In-built charitible and campaign-driven fundraising – supporting corporate conscience and sustainability efforts

Providing simple solutions for corporate social and charitable responsibilities, and addressing environmental, philanthropic and ethical responsibilities, whilst building positive press and reputation, enhancing client appeal, talent attraction and employee retention, building stronger client and community relations, and contributing to the improvement of the company’s financial health.

Tiered pricing – combining once-off competitions and ongoing campaigns with tailored rewards

A flexible approach towards leveraging challenges, activities and technology in a way that works best for each business, no matter their size or budget, with rewards which can be externally sourced and tailored, or structured to fit with existing internal offerings and infrastructure.

Scalable platforms and bespoke insights - simultaneously driving growth and operational efficiencies

Allowing for rapid and economical deployment, and providing accurate insights on what behaviours and incentives achieve the best outcomes and greater social impact for employees, the business and the broader community.

Addressing global action plans – connecting what's good for people and good for the planet

Directly aligned to the United Nations' call to action to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being, through the third Sustainable Development Goal, meeting the World Health Organisation’s premise that stronger collaboration contributes to better health.

Incentivised activity programmes – creating a resilient internal culture which drives productivity

Task led and reward-driven challenges designed to improve health and mental wellbeing, thereby reducing stress and illness, decreasing absenteeism, lowering levels of staff turnover, improving internal relations and work quality, and enhancing the employee value proposition












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