Inclusive Wellbeing Programmes

Get Active’s philosophy is about being flexible and fully inclusive…. Everyone’s welcome – everyone’s included!

We are pushing each other to be brave, reaching beyond pre-conceived boundaries, inspiring, challenging, and acknowledging that we all have matters to deal with daily, be it work pressures, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, hang-ups with our bodies, or a diary that just seems too busy to allow for personal time… But we won’t let this hold us back!

We are all welcome.
We all want to improve our lives and make a difference.
We are all worth it.

Get Active in Companies

The Get Active programme of inclusive challenges and initiatives is designed to generate a wave of positive change in attitude amongst employees and across departments. Aligned to personal and company values, as well as corporate sustainability and charitable obligations, The branded corporate campaigns aim to boost physical and mental wellbeing, morale and team engagement – enabling everyone to start themselves on a journey towards a happier, healthier, more productive life.

just walk
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Get Active in Charities

Generating significant fundraising opportunities for charities, the Get Active branded campaigns offer a new and innovative way for charities to raise money … boosting fundraising income with tools and initiatives that empower supporters to fundraise on your behalf.

Get Active in Schools

Get Active brings branded campaigns to schools, encouraging learners to undertake a series of activities aimed at improving their well-being, whilst strengthening communities and generating significant fundraising opportunities. Kids can even challenge their teachers! Now that’s a real incentive…

dunottar school

Get Active in Clubs

Sports teams, clubs and other organisations now have access to a new and exciting fully branded approach to fundraising which is filled with opportunity. Great for boosting morale, attracting new members and talent, and strengthening local communities through varied initiatives and inclusive activities.