Workplace wellbeing programme: Why get active?

Healthy organisations need healthy individuals. Good practices accelerate physical and mental health and performance – and influence others to do the same

It is well known that increased physical and mental activity is good for you. Here are ten reasons why a flexible and fully inclusive Get Active wellbeing strategy in your business makes an awful lot of sense:

  • Everyone Benefits

    Improved employee health and wellbeing, reduced stress and absenteeism, lower staff turnover, improved work quality and client service

  • Better Collaboration

    A more active workforce culture driving engagement and teamwork, and boosting physical and mental health and morale

  • Flexible & Fully Inclusive

    Open and appealing to everyone, employees choose their own wellness focus - in their own time, anywhere

  • Quick Launch Mobile App

    Real-time activity capture and collaboration, boosting competitive spirit through motivational leaderboards

  • Addressing ESG, CSR & More

    Aligning with board level responsibilities to meet the wellbeing, environmental, philanthropic, ethical and legal requirements of your business

  • In-Built Charity Fundraising

    Simple for corporate and charitable obligations. Boosting fundraising income and empowering employees to make a difference on-the-go

  • Achieve & Reward

    Behaviour changes that inspire and reward, building team camaraderie and positivity, now and for the future

  • Customised Branding

    Your brand and messaging on your bespoke Get Active medal, web, social and app - across all touch points

  • High Value Insights

    Quick rollout, instant results and accurate insights that embed the wellbeing culture and drive future campaigns

  • Tiered Pricing

    Tech-based active challenges designed to suit each business, no matter your size or budget

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some organisations who have embraced the Get Active culture.